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   Geological structures analysis via UAV photogrammetry

     Recently, the unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) has become an essential equipment for geological structures survey. With high resolution camera on board, drones could be the eyes on the sky, searching for structures instead of using man power to do the survey. In our research group, we have fixed wind drones and other rotated wind drones in order to do the wide and detail survey such as the coastline and the cliff which is hard to reach.

     Combing with the RTK (real-time kinemics) system to measure the ground control points which set for enhancing the accuracy of the survey, our geological structures mapping results of discontinuities could be used for engineering.

(1) Lai-Lai platform in northeastern Taiwan
(2) Shi-Ti-Ping in southern eastern Taiwan
(3) Sanyi fault at the northern bank of Dajia River
(4) Da-Han Riverbed geological structures survey