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   Lab Introduction

     The aim of our research group is to understand the possible mechanisms and conditions in which geological structures formed. In order to investigate how those structures might form and evaluate the validity of relevant models, we use existing computer programs or develop new ones to analyze the structures. The qualified models will, further, be used to predict unfound structures and integrate the predicted results for practical uses. Our approach includes three steps:

   I. Field observations and measurements. Interesting geological structures are found and
     documented in this stage.
   II. Setup of models. Based on the field observations and rheological concepts,
     reasonable models will be built up and tested.
   III. Physical and Numerical simulations and mechanical analysis. The flowchart below is
     our research process.

Most of our projects closely related to earthquakes are
   (1) Detailed mapping and theoretical analysis on earthquake-induced ground
   (2) Simulation of geological structures, in particular, on folds and faults.
   (3) Study of crustal deformation and earthquake cycles.

Please refer to our research themes for further information and other research interests.