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Chia-En Lo

      Hello, my name is Chia-En Lo and from Kaohsiung.I graduated from University of Taipei and majored in Earth and Life Science. I’m a kind, helpful and outgoing person. My favorite sports are baseball and basketball. In the graduate school, I hope to acquire more professional knowledge of geology. Seize the day, look ahead.

  E-mail : imken881209@gmail.com
  Thesis topics : No


Yu-Hsun Chang

      Hello!I come from Changhua, Taiwan, and I enjoy playing volleyball, gaming, and reading novels. As a graduate student at Central University, I'm passionate about advancing my knowledge in structural geology.

  E-mail :  d38809689@gmail.com
  Thesis topics : no


Tammy Tan

      Hello, my name is Ning Tan. I graduated from National Central University, my hobby is sketching and creating something interesting.

  E-mail :  tammy870805@gmail.com
  Thesis topics : no