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Li-Chi Vicky Wen

      My name is Vicky, assistants in Geomechanics Research Group. I graduated from Department of Mechanical and Mechatronic Engineering, National Ilan University. My mind is full of optimistic thoughts and easygoing. My hobbies are travelling and watching movies. Sometimes, I go to cinema, watching detective movies. Already married and have adorable baby.

  E-mail : snowblueq@gmail.com


Cheng-En Mike Hsieh

      Hello, I’m Mike Hsieh. I’m from HsinChu, Taiwan. I like to explore new things and new places. I often bring my camera and drone to document the moment, sharing them with others after I comeback. Also, I’m good at webpage design and poster design. It’s welcome to contact me if you need a great portrait!

  E-mail :  mc78962006@gmail.com