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Chung-Wei Chang

      I study Earth Sciences at National Central University,and my interest is photography and cycling. IG: MyLife feat. EvanC. EvanC.。

  E-mail :  evan3873931@gmail.com
  Thesis topics : No


Yu-Cheng Johnson Hsu

      Studying Earth Science at National Central University. Still trying to learn something new but not very well. Also a big fan of League of Legend e-sport games.

  E-mail :  jonson51651480@gmail.com
  Thesis topics : No


Tsung-Chi Huang

       My name is Tsung-Chi Huang. I was born in Taichung Nantun District. After graduated from high school, I was once studying physics in National Chung Cheng University. At my second year in college, I left the school and decided that earth science is where my passion lies. This is my third year as a student at National Central University majoring in earth science. I joined the astronomy club in school during my freshmen year. The next year, I was elected as the club leader. I led the club participate in several events such as the Star Party. I had handover to the new leader. From then on, I want to concentrate on practicing in professor Wen-Jeng Owen Huang’s laboratory. Moreover, I would like to set National Chung Cheng University as my goal of graduate institute.

  E-mail : foxinpasturelan@gmail.com
  Thesis topics : No