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Hadis Sakti Hasyimi Miftahul Ulum

      Indonesian guy, DoTA 2 maniac, and now focusing on my master degree at Institute of Applied Geology, Earth Science Faculty at National Central University. I’d like to observe geological phenomenon based on structural analysis in the field. CorelDraw, LogPlot 7, Surpac, Dips, ArcGis, Surfer, Mapinfo, GlobalMapper and other geological data such as : coordinates (UTM, Geographic), strike/dips, structural geology data measurement, are my specialities. You guys can reach me on my e-mail and linkedin below :

  E-mail :  hadisulum@gmail.com
  Thesis topics : Holocene morphotectonic evolution in the Erhjen River, Southwest Taiwan


Yu-Chun Euchin Lin

      Hello! My name is Lin and I like do outdoor activities. My hobby is playing volleyball and practicing Taichi. I know a little about film cutting and using Photoshop. When I am in my leisure time, I would like to watch some Japanese animation and read some manga. More or less, I learned some Japanese from the animation. If you are also interested in learning Japanese, you are very welcome to contact with me.

  E-mail : Lin89179@gmail.com
  Thesis topics : Structural Characteristics of Chishan and Lungchuan fault zone in southwestern Taiwan


Yu-Cheng Steven Hsu

      I'm first generation student of physicgeology. Like mountain climbing and read novels. I have a lot of enthusiasm for photography. If someone want to be a model, welcome come find me. IG: yucheng_hsu

  E-mail : steven84427@gmail.com
  Thesis topics : Taan River canyon


Ya-Chu Debby Tseng

      Hi,my name is Ya-Chu Debby Tseng.Now I am a senior student in Earth Sciences department of National Taiwan Normal University. I love sports.Playing basketball,reading novels,and climbing are my hobbies. I am interested in Structural Geology.I am very happy I can join Geomechanics Research Group!

  E-mail : debby11223344@gmail.com
  Thesis topics : Liuchia fault and Muchiliao fault


Mohammad Tri Fitrianto

      Hello.. my name is Tri (you can spell it “three”). I am really interesting in earth science, especially for Hazard Assessment. I took my bachelor degree in Geophysics, and now I continue my master degree in Applied Geology. My hobbies are music and art. Give me the chord, and I will show you melodies of life.

  E-mail :  emtrifian@gmail.com
  Thesis topics : No


Ting-Yu Wang

      I graduated from the Taitung University. I usually like to watch movies, play guitar, bass, and go out. Because I study in the Taitung, I usually go out to play, and I will go to the beach with friends and climb the mountain.

  E-mail :  love9960111@gmail.com
  Thesis topics : No