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a. Journal papers

L. W. Kuo, A.F. Smith, C.C. Chen, C.S. Ku, C.Y. Chiang, D. Brown, M. Negrini, W. J. Huang and T.Y. Chen, 2021, Lightning‑induced high temperature and pressure microstructures in surface and subsurface fulgurites, Scientific Reports 11:22031, 2021.  [PDF]

C. C. Chen, J. H. Wang, and W. J. Huang, 2012, Material decoupling as a mechanism of aftershock generation, Tectonophysics, 546-547, 56-59, June 2012. (SCI)  [PDF]

C. W. Lin, H. C. Chang, S. T. Lu, T. S. Shih and W. J. Huang. An introduction to the active faults of Taiwan, with explanatory text of the active fault map of Taiwan, scale 1:500,000 (in Chinese with English abstract). Special Publication of the Central Geological Survey No. 13.