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Hao Ming Chang

       Hi, I am from Taichung, and I am currently studying in the Department of Earth Science of National Central University. My interest is to read novels. I hope to improve myself, enrich myself, and become a useful person in the future.

  E-mail : olli20030710@gmail.com
  Thesis topics : No


Yao Da Wei

      I am a college sophomore studying earth science at NCU. My high school teacher, which is graduated from NCU, brought about my interest in the region of earth science. Taking a small adventure by riding motorcycle is the best thing to do in my free time. I am also enjoying the way of watching movies in the theater. Still look for the research direction in earth science. Hoping that I can take my future steps through the experience of this internship in the lab.

  E-mail : da920518kevin@gmail.com
  Thesis topics : No


Mu Kuo


  E-mail : No
  Thesis topics : No