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Chung-Wei Chang

Chung-Wei Chang

      Graduated from Graduate Institute of Applied Geology, NCU. Working in IES, Sinica. My interest is photography and riding.

  E-mail : evan3873931@gmail.com
  Thesis topics : Determination of Structural Characteristics of the Chusiang Active Fault Using Geological Cross-Sections[PDF]

Lai-Pin wen

Lai-Pin Wen

      Hi my name is Pin Wen. I am graduated from University of Taipei. my interest is playing badminton and volleyball, I also like drawing sketch. I want to enhance my knowledge and ability in geology, and hope I can achieve my goal in the future.

  E-mail : 1424344jimmy@gmail.com
  Thesis topics : Normal faults in Bitou and Longdong areas, NE Taiwan[PDF]


Cheng-Jia Jhuang

       Graduated from department of Earth and environment science, CCU. My interest is watch movies, build scale models, and hope I can take responsibility for myself and graduate successfully in the future.

  E-mail : taiwan99112@gmail.com
  Thesis topics : Fault rocks and deformation mechanism of the Chegualin active fault in SW Taiwan[PDF]


Jhih-Wei Shih

      I'm student of Institute of Applied Geology. I really want to be a master of structure geology. So, I’ll keep studying and work hard. I hope someday the dream will be come true.

  E-mail : G654jo31@gmail.com
  Thesis topics : Analyzing the activity of the Lunhou fault and Kouhsiaoli fault in southwestern Taiwan based on the Tsengwen River terraces[PDF]


Hsin-Han Chen

       Graduated from Earth Science department, NCU. Work my ass off to accumulate my strength and hope that I could graduate as soon as possible. During free time I like to play badminton and drink with friends.

  E-mail : tomtooyy@gmail.com
  Thesis topics : Rock Characteristics of the Chegualin Fault Zone in Mudstone Area, Southwestern Taiwan and their Implications [PDF]


Ting-Yu Wang

      I graduated from the Taitung University. I usually like to watch movies, play guitar, bass, and go out. Because I study in the Taitung, I usually go out to play, and I will go to the beach with friends and climb the mountain.

  E-mail :  love9960111@gmail.com
  Thesis topics :
      Investigation of Subsurface Structure by Using Electrical Resistivity Tomography and Laboratory Resistivity Test – A Case Study on the Chusiang Fault, Central Taiwan [PDF]


Yu-Cheng Steven Hsu

      I'm first generation student of physicgeology. Like mountain climbing and read novels. I have a lot of enthusiasm for photography. If someone want to be a model, welcome come find me. IG: yucheng_hsu

  E-mail : steven84427@gmail.com
  Thesis topics :
      Forming mechanisms and relation of Chi-Chi earthquakeinduced uplift reach of Taan river to Tungshih anticline [PDF]


Mohammad Tri Fitrianto

      Hello.. my name is Tri (you can spell it “three”). I am really interesting in earth science, especially for Hazard Assessment. I took my bachelor degree in Geophysics, and now I continue my master degree in Applied Geology. My hobbies are music and art. Give me the chord, and I will show you melodies of life.

  E-mail :  emtrifian@gmail.com
  Thesis topics :
      Characteristics of the Chihshang Fault at Tapoelementary school area, Eastern Taiwan [PDF]


Ya-Chu Debby Tseng

      I come from Taoyuan city. I graduate from Institute of Applied Geology. I like to play basketball, jogging, and hiking. I was interested in fieldtrips and structure geology when I was still an undergraduate student. My master thesis topic is related to the Paleoseismology study of Milun fault in Hualien.

  E-mail : debby11223344@gmail.com
  Thesis topics :
      Paleoseismic Study of Milun Active Fault in Hualien, Eastern Taiwan [PDF]


Hadis Sakti Hasyimi Miftahul Ulum

      Indonesian guy, DoTA 2 maniac, and now focusing on my master degree at Institute of Applied Geology, Earth Science Faculty at National Central University. I’d like to observe geological phenomenon based on structural analysis in the field. CorelDraw, LogPlot 7, Surpac, Dips, ArcGis, Surfer, Mapinfo, GlobalMapper and other geological data such as : coordinates (UTM, Geographic), strike/dips, structural geology data measurement, are my specialities. You guys can reach me on my e-mail and linkedin below :

  E-mail :  hadisulum@gmail.com
  Thesis topics :
      Holocene Tectonics Inferred from Fluvial Terrace Analysis in the Erhjen River (二仁溪), Southwestern Taiwan [PDF]


Yu-Chun Euchin Lin

      Hello! My name is Lin and I like do outdoor activities. My hobby is playing volleyball and practicing Taichi. I know a little about film cutting and using Photoshop. When I am in my leisure time, I would like to watch some Japanese animation and read some manga. More or less, I learned some Japanese from the animation. If you are also interested in learning Japanese, you are very welcome to contact with me.

  E-mail : Lin89179@gmail.com
  Thesis topics :
      Characteristics of the Chishan and Lungchuan Faults exposed around the north end of Zhongliao Tunnel, Southwestern Taiwan [PDF]


Yen-Ju Lina Chen

      I come from Banqiao, New Taipei City. I graduate from the Institute of Applied Geology. I like to do crafts, listen to Japanese and brew coffee. Currently planning to travel to Japan for employment.

  E-mail : kadatsumuri2122@gmail.com
  Thesis topics :
      Study of Structural Evolution and Fracture Distribution through Distinct Element Method in Chuhuangkeng Area, Miaoli [PDF]


Keng-Hsien Chao

       Hi! I am Keng-Hsien Chao. My hobbies are archery and mineral collection.

  E-mail :  chao19930324@yahoo.com.tw
  Thesis topics :
      Spin Transition and Thermal Conductivity of (Fe0.78Mg0.22CO3) Siderite under High Pressure [PDF]


Shu-Jui Ray Fan

      I am from Jinshan, northern coast of Taiwan. There is the Datun Mountain at the back of my house, and Jinshan is well known for the hot spring. I love to sketch beautiful landscape or portray people, so I usually carry pen and paper to record my daily life. I was in the wind band and I listen to movie soundtrack. Playing softball and basketball always make me alive.       I majored in geological field survey and structural analysis in the sedimentary rock zone during the master degree. After graduation, I participate the sandbox experiments at the present stage. I plan to study Ph.D. in the future, exploring the mystery of geology.

  E-mail : rayray50101@yahoo.com.tw

  Thesis topics :
   Study of structural relationship between the mesoscopic geological structures along the Dahan riverbed and the Daxi Anticline, Taoyuan  [PDF]


Yi-Wei Eric Chiou

      I come from Banqiao, New Taipei City. I graduate from the Institute of Applied Geology. My hobbies are jogging, and reading. I like hiking and observe the nature.

  E-mail :  e0i2w1a2@yahoo.com.tw
  Thesis topics : 
   1.Special topic: Structural evolution in Nanfangao Chessboard Cape Area, central range of Taiwan
     2.Master thesis: Insight from the relationship between 17-year-evolved escarpment and the Chi-Chi earthquake ground surface rupture  [PDF]


Cheng-En Mike Hsieh

      Hello, I’m Mike Hsieh. I’m from HsinChu, Taiwan. I like to explore new things and new places. I often bring my camera and drone to document the moment, sharing them with others after I comeback. Also, I’m good at webpage design and poster design. It’s welcome to contact me if you need a great portrait!

  E-mail :  mc78962006@gmail.com
  Thesis topics : 
      The subsurface structure characteristics of Sanyi active fault in the Houli-Fengyuan area, central western Taiwan  [PDF]


Chia-Hsiang Eric Hsu

      I study numerical modeling, using discrete element method to investigate the influence of soil properties. Usually staying in lab, coding and studying. In the leisure time, I read novels, movies, animations.

  E-mail :  eric267213@hotmail.com
  Thesis topics : 
      Evolution of fault-induced fold at Chushan excavation site, central Taiwan derived from numerical analysis of PFC simulations

Cian-Siang You

Cian-Siang You

      My hometown is in Haikou, Changhua. Haikou where I lived is a coastal town, and my master degree is doing research on coastal issue. What’s more! Now I am serve in military in Coast Guard Administration. It is very unbelievable that I am so close to the coast. I am good at observation, solving problems, and finding out the reason that causing problems. I would like to take this as my lifelong career, I am still wondering though.

  E-mail : freedom00_sine@hotmail.com
  Thesis topics : 
      Structural evolution study of lamprophyric dikes and country rocks in Lailai, northeastern coast of Taiwan  [PDF]

Shih-Ting Lin

Shih-Ting Lin

      I’m working in NTU as a research assistant. Reading and exercising are my hobbies. I like to do outdoor activities in my leisure time.

  E-mail : amanda-4869@hotmail.com
  Thesis topics : 
      Study of deformation bands in ignimbrites in Shihtiping, eastern Taiwan.  [PDF]

Chia-Min Tsai

Chia-Min Tsai

      Born in Taipei, and now work in there as well. My personality is tend to be untamed, and curious about all kinds of things. In the same time, I encourage myself to be brave to try new things. My goal is to travel around the world and do my best to experience all.

  E-mail : bsm326@hotmail.com
  Thesis topics : 
      Study of the topographic change and coulomb stresses on neighboring faults induced by of the reactivation of Shanchiao fault on Taipei area.  [PDF]

Shao-Chen Hsu

Shao-Chen Hsu

      I am from Banqiao in New Taipei City and work as Researcher in National Taiwan Normal University (NTNU). I’m an amateur tour guide to geology. I like reading and travelling. I believe one could get some life attitude from reading and traveling. Although I don’t speak Japanese at all, I have an ambition to go around the whole Japan via my poor English!

  E-mail :  cksh3300546@hotmail.com
  Thesis topics : 
      Constructing the tertiary strata and structures in Taipei basin based on drilling data.  [PDF]

I-Ju Huang

I-Ju Huang

      I grew up in Hualien, a wonderful place with attractive nature. I have been working and living in New Taipei City since 2014. I like to do exercising and travelling as well as music listening. I am also interested in visiting museums and exhibitions. My wish is that I could visit different places every year and experience indigenous customs and cultures during trips in order to broaden my horizon.

  E-mail :  friend130528@hotmail.com
  Thesis topics : 
      Study of the Relationship between Surface Rupture and Faulting in relation to Jiashian Earthquake.  [PDF]

Yu-Sheng Liang

Yu-Sheng Liang

      I am Hakka, and come from Qionglin, Hsinchu. Since I was a child, I am always fascinated by natural environment, and outdoor activities. Well… I am not good at doing academic research, so now I take tourism serves as my career. Use knowledges learned from earth science major to introduce the natural environment to customers. In my leisure time, softball, as my favorite sport, is my top choice.

  E-mail :  impreza1987@hotmail.com
  Thesis topics : 
      Study on formation of kink folds through boundary element method  [PDF]