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Postdoctoral Fellow

Yu-Yi Michael Chang

 Postdoctoral Fellow

 Applied Geology Institute,
    National Central University

 Office phone number: (03)422-7151 #34179

 E-mail : changyy@kimo.com

Yu_Yi Michael Chang

 Publications : 
a. Doctoral dissertation
Use of Centrifuge Modeling and Distinct Element Method to Evaluate the Surface and Subsurface Deformation of Normal Faulting and Reverse Faulting

b. SCI paper
J. L. Chung, Y. C. Wei, H. T. Chen, Y. Y. Chang, Y. C. Lin, W. S. Huang, 2011, Stability analysis of cantilever double soldier-piled walls in sandy soil

Y. Y. Chang, C. J. Lee, W. C. Huang, W. J. Huang, M. L. Lin, W. Y. Hung, Y. H. Lin , 2013, Use of centrifuge experiments and discrete element analysis to model the reverse fault slip

Y. Y. Chang, C. J. Lee, W. C. Huang, W. Y. Hung, W. J. Huang, M. L. Lin, Y. H. Lin, 2015, Evolution of the surface deformation profile and subsurface distortion zone during reverse faulting through overburden sand

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